Welcome to Weller AI. We mint soon. Read on...

What Is Weller AI?

Weller AI is a "Generation-2" wallet tracker for Ethereum NFTs. At mint, we're tracking 290k wallets, using 40 metrics to find the most PROFITABLE NFT degens & traders. Then we display a LIVE feed of their top mints & trades - updated 100x per day. We are nothing like existing wallet trackers - with better wallets, better tech & many many improvements.

How Many Wallets Do You Track?

We've run our algorithm across over 290k wallets & crawl 1000s daily -- but we only display the top 1000 wallets in our feed. The wallets change regularly - as new traders are found (or old ones get better alpha).

How Can I Test-Drive Weller AI?

We provide a free feed of *some* of our traders in our Discord (link below). We've had beta-testers for a few weeks now. Word is: Weller is making calls before well-known alpha groups. Word is... top alpha groups are now liquidity for our Discord members. Check the Discord - see for yourself.

How Does The Discord "Alpha Feed" Work?

At mint, Weller NFT holders can customize the traders they follow based on 20x metrics (wallet size, ROI, strike rate, etc). Then: create a custom Discord webhook + feed for their own personal server.

However, for now we are providing a small "sample" of our trades in our public Discord Server.

There are actually 2x feeds - a mints feed & a trades page. 

There are typically 50-100x calls (trades/mints) per day. We recommend you follow both - and turn notifications to "on".

The TRADES feed displays secondary trades on OpenSea, XY2Y, etc. Here's how a notification looks:

As you can see, we display the collection info, along with more info about the trader.

The MINTS feed displays new mints our traders have picked up. Here's how a notification looks:

This Sounds Like A Great Project. When Do You Mint?

After 5 months development we are aiming for a late September mint date - with a small genesis collection (less than 1,000). Price TBC. We will switch to recurring AFTER mint. But our Genesis members get lifetime access - to every future update. FOREVER.

Have You Already Built Weller AI?

Yes. The web-based app has actually been complete for several months. We refine it daily. We continue to add features. We are already over-shooting the roadmap, well before mint.

What About The Roadmap?

We are building Weller AI for not just you - but also, for us too. Our quest for the most profitable degen is endless.

The next September update will involve 24/7 tracking of wash wallets (catching even the most hardcore botters) & will introduce OpenSea floor tracking (letting us close "hold" positions & measure profitability even more accurately).

Also in September: we will track collections. Our collection page will flag trades with a high % of holders who are: market manipulators, social influencers, botters or diamond hands. There are many tools that track collections, but none have our wallet database, making this data indispendsable (alongside the wallet feed). 

This is all happening September, along with a massive expansion of our wallet list.

We will release a full roadmap closer to mint, but expect some very exciting features coming in October & November.

You Track 290k Wallets? Tell Me More.

Believe it or not, we have so far been very selective with the wallets we added, starting with wallets who hold bluechip NFTs, alpha groups, NFT trading tools etc. We then added related wallets & wallet "groups". We also add wallets that trade on popular recent collections (especially around notable shifts in floor price, implying alpha).

We added another 50k in the first week of September, 10k more this week, and can easily scale to 300k+ by mint. Of course, we will continue to only show the most profitable 1%, but our quest for the most profitable degen is endless...

How I Get On The Whitelist?

Please join the Discord and check out the Whitelist channel for more information. Our WL requirements vary and may become more arduous as we approach mint.

This Sounds Incredible. How Can I Learn More?
If you're interested in a real deep dive into Weller AI, then check out the White Paper (link at the top of the page). More casual toe-dippers should just join the Discord.

I'm In! What Is The Next Step?

Read the White Paper - then join the Discord below. Once on our Discord, head to the "WELLER-TRADE-BOT" to start getting our alpha calls, pushed 24/7. Check "Weller Wins" (coming in multiple times per day). 

And, of course - visit the WL channel... 

We mint September. All signs are: floor will moon...

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